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Six Matters Needing Attention before Your Entrustment in China

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1. Based on my situation, do I have a legal problem?
Make sure you explain your situation to your lawyer detailed. Bring all the papers or documents you think may help explain your problem in the first meeting. Make sure your lawyer covers both practical solutions to your problems as well as all of your options available under the law. Do not try to convince the lawyer by exaggerating the facts, as objective as possible.
2. Are you the very lawyer who can help me?
It is important to discuss with the lawyer about how much experience he/she has in dealing with the cases similar to yours. If the lawyer doubts his or her competence to handle the matter then be sure to ask for a referral who are familiar with the cases. Also ask about the outcome of the other cases that the lawyer has handled, as well as whether or not the anticipated fees and costs that you have been quoted by the lawyer is in line with the fees and costs charged in the other cases.
3. I choose the case that I deal with the more advantageous method
When you find a lawyer who meets your need, you should ask him this key question carefully. If this lawyer analyses very accurate, you can ask his choice more conductive to solving this key issue. Arbitration? Litigation? Reconcile with each other? or other ways.
4. My prospect result
Ask him/her to explain the law as it relates to your case and the effect which existing laws may have on your case. You need to know that if successful, you will get what benefits, what is the loss If unsuccessful, what you need to bear the legal responsibility.
5. How long will it take to solve my law problem?
Again, ask the lawyer how long it has taken him/her to bring cases similar to yours to a conclusion in the past. Ask if your case involves issues more complex than his/her previous cases and whether or not that will affect the expected time to bring this case to a conclusion. Ask if there are any legal time limitations which restrict the length of time you have to bring an action. Ask what he/she believes to be the best case as opposed to worst case scenario with regard to the amount of time that he/she expects the case will take. If there is no way to predict the time, what are the reasons? If there is anything you can do to speed up the process?
6. How much will it cost?
Make sure the lawyer fully identifies and explains the legal problems you currently face. The lawyer should give you some ideas about the amount of money required in legal fees as well as expenses for the action that he/she is going to take for you. Whether the client is charged on an hourly basis or a contingent fee basis, the reason for the fee should be fully explained to you. Before actually agreeing for the lawyer to represent you, feel free to get an explanation of the fee in writing from the lawyer and signed by both of you. See the definitions below for fees.
Retainer Fee
Advance payment to the lawyer for a portion of his or her fee.
An agreed-upon percentage of any monies obtained through settlement, trial or negotiation.
Hourly Fee
The lawyer's hourly rate multiplied by the number of hours (or portion of hours) spent on your case.
Fixed Fee
A specific amount of money for a specific service.

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