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Top Five Most Primitive Canyons in China

Editor : Kerry Lee   |   Resource : AT0086.com

It is hard for people to visit a canyon because most of canyons are formed by the crustal movement with terrible crags. However, as the development of the tour market, more and more canyons are not the forbidden area anymore and become our best tour destinations. Among all the canyons in china, there are still some canyon keep their original appearance.


The Yarlung Zangbo River Canyon
It keeps its original appearance very well for its dangerous location. 3000 meters higher than the sea level, it is the most complete perpendicular among all the canyons in the world. in the center of the canyon, there are no body can go through, so it is called the last secret of the nature in the world. Because it provides a natural defense, the Moto plateau becomes a lonely place separating from the world.


Nujiang Canyon
Here is the most dangerous, most beautiful and longest canyon in the world. the height difference between the valley and the top of the mountain reaches 3000 to 4000 meters. The high mountains, deep valley and rapid water will fear you once you come here. But the Green and luxuriant forest and snow covering the mountain make it a picture-card place.


Tianshan Canyon
Its color shows its primitive appearance. With another name as Keziliya canyon, it is 5.5 kilometers long. It is a integration of magnificence, danger, quietness and magic. Formed by the large bronzing rock, it is a rare tour destination in nonirrigated farmland. Various appearance of mountain, numerous brooks and valleys make it a wonderful place. There is a ruin of thousand of buddhas in the valley, which is the only in the hundred of grottoes in ancient Western Regions.


Daduhejinkou Canyon
It is a masterpiece of nature. Its magnificence and danger shows the change of geology in the last billon of years. It is 30 kilometers long, only 200 meters wide, 2600 meters deep. The mountains beside the canyon constitute a variety of splendid scenery. The water falls from the high mountain and hundreds kinds of wild flowers integrate a picture-card painting.


Taihang Mountain Canyon
It is a magnificent canyon. The mountains here are full of grandeur with various appearances. It can complete with many traditional famous mountains as well as be of high value of investigate. Most of the structure of the mountain is the lifting of rift zone, so danger becomes its feature. The cliff there reaches 8 kilometers long and 800 meters high.

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