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Top Ten Most Distinctive Leisure Bases in China

Editor : Kerry Lee   |   Resource : AT0086.com

Tour should not be synonymous with weariness. Visiting China, you are supposed to not only enjoy the beautiful seneries, but also have youself got the all-round enjoyment, including accommodation and entertainment. The following China's distinctive leisure bases will make your trip to China very comfortable.


Jinmao Group
Jin Mao Group is revered because of its good reputation of operating luxury hotels in big cities and well-known tourist spots. Jinmao Tower in Shanghai is China's landmark building, and the 88th floor---the highest floor, is reserved for the tower's observation deck, which can hold 1000 people at any one time.


Chinese Dead Sea Tourism-Vacation Area
Even if you cannot swim, you can still enjoy yourself in the water. The Chinese dead sea, located in Sichuan Province, the "Dead Sea floating" is a modern tourism-vacation area integrating freshness, fashion and fun, including modern water sports, leisure, Weight Reducing, health care, and other activities.


Shanghai Yintao Golf Club
Just over 13 miles from the heart of Shanghai, the Yintao Golf Club is home to a popular course, with 18 holes and stretches more than 7,100 yards. Facilities here are excellent and include a swimming pool, restaurant and caddies.


Bitaoyuan Vacation Apartment
Located in the eastern bathing beach of Dajiaowan, Zhapo Guangdong Province,  the Bitaoyuan Vacation Apartment, surrounded on three sides by mountains and faces the open sea,has pleasant sceneries, rich and colorful local customs and the quiet and beautiful environment. It is your first choice for leisure vacation. 


Oriental Land
ORIENTAL Land, located on the shores of Dianshan Lake in Qingpu District, serves as recreational and social center. The beautiful tree lined streets are a distinguishing feature of the area, providing an enjoyable walking path. Boat rowing provides an enjoyable pastime for most visitors. The well-structured outdoor education program offers a range of practical activities, such as rock climbing and outdoor survival techniques.


Shimao Sheshan Aimei Hotel
Located in Sheshan Tourism-Vacation Area, the hotel, 365 meters in height, has complete leisure facilities such as Spa Centre,gym, banqueting hall, theater and outdoor auditorium. Standing on the high floor of the hotel, you can take in the entire Yue Lake at once.



Kunming Country Golf Club
Located near the charming clear lake, Kunming Country Golf Club, surrounded by mountains is one of the world's most beautiful golf resorts,which is reputed as the Asia's Golf Paradise. Golf Course has been in the golf industry in Asia earthquake Wal-Mart, The golf field has been maintaining a good condition throughout the year.


Fuyang in Zhejiang
The whole Fuyang city is a big stadium. Fuyang is a typical southern landscape city, which has the largest wild animal world of east China, and has retained the Longmen ancient town with Ming and Qing architectural features, and the reproduction of the two major inventions in ancient China---Paper making   and Printing. It is now a Cultural Village, a leisure destination.


Yizhaoweide Gym Club
It is a international chain organization owning more than 200 branches all over the world. It has the experienced coaches, high-class gym eauipments, wide traning hall and unique sub-health test area and mysterious SPINNING room and cmplete leisure equipments.



Suichang in Zhejiang
Suichang unique tourism resources create such miracles as real gold trip; Jiulongshan scientific exploration known as "treasure house of biological genes", "mystery of wild man ", adventure tours integrating mountains, waterfalls and clouds, Baima Mountain summer leisure resort and so on.

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