The Largest Ten International Travel Agencies in Guangzhou

The south has always been the most frequently international exchanges region in the history. So it is becomes the first choice to live and work for the most foreigners. According to the number of the staff, the branches and the scale of the cooperation, we access top ten largest travel agencies among the various travel agencies in Guangzhou
  1. 1.Guang Zhilv International Travel Service Co.Ltd.

    Established in December 1980, it is the largest and most powerful travel agency. The employees in Guangzhou alone are as many as 1000, 80% of which are college students and graduate students. Now with 30 branches in Guangzhou and 160 enterprises network in the Zhu river delta, it initiated the brand tourist city in 2007.

  2. 2.Guangzhou Kanghui International Travel service Co, Ltd.

    It, founded in 1984, has already been a well-known brand of the Chinese travel agencies. The global network and over 3000 excellent staff offer a full range of high-quality services with all their hearts. There are more than 100 subsidiaries across the whole country, from the north to the south, from the east to the west.

  3. 3.CITS Tours Guangzhou Co,Ltd.

    It is characterized by the special product “Guolv vocation”, relying on 6 strong enterprises. With over 300 proficient employees in English, Japanese, French and Spanish, the professionals in economy, administration, accounting, engineering and technology and tourist management and over 100 luxurious vehicles, it has severed as many as 7,000,000 travelers annually. What’s more, it also runs more than 30 duty-free tourisms in Guangzhou.

  4. 4.China Travel Service G.D.

    The predecessor of this company-Guangdong Zhonglv, founded in1956,was honored as The Home Of the overseas Chinese. At present, it is the stock-holder and the operator of 16 travel agencies with over 160 outlets and 500 province local network operators. With so many advantages, it has become the largestnetwork body and the most complete service travel distributor.

  5. 5.Livid Guangdong International Travel Service Co.Ltd.

    With a history of 20 years, it has formed the international network of the tour operator, with business covering over 80 cities in China as well as 20 countries and regions aboard. With over 240 existing staff, it can send almost 1,600,000 passengers and provide service to 8,000,000 travelers, of which the foreign travelers as many as 300,000.

  6. 6.China Youth Travel Service G.D.

    By virtue of a number of experienced, efficient administrators and salesmen and a group of well-educated, vigorous staff proficient in English, Japanese, German, French, it, founded in 1979,expands and could be ranked among the national top 100 travel agencies, and top 6 international travel agencies in Guangzhou

  7. 7.CYTS Tours Guangzhou Co,Ltd.

    As the first listed Travel Company, it possesses 12 subsidiaries, four of which have been awarded the title of “the top 100 travel agencies”, and 6 tourism-related industries branches concerning the tourism, the allocation of the scenic spots, hotel and coach, and 6 real-estate and high-tech subsidiaries.

  8. 8.Guangdong Heping International Travel Service Co.Ltd.

    Established in 1985, it, the full member of the association of china travel agency, is made up of inbound tourism, domestic tourism, marketing, network marketing, visa, ticketing, film production and business sectors.  It also owns the New Zealand Heping international travel agency.

  9. 9.Guangzhou Lijing International Travel Service

    Founded in 1985, it, a member of the China tourism association, is divided into different departments of the overseas affairs, Hong Kong and Macao affairs, domestic, Japan affairs, the Europe and the united states affairs, international department, and the business travel, reservation, visa, vehicles, hotel. It also boasts of the well-trained, experienced guides proficient in English, Japanese, French, German, Russia, and Spanish and so on.

  10. 10.Guangdong Yangcheng Zhilv Travel Service

    It, one of the 10 oversea travel agencies, is subject to the Guangzhou Yangcheng Yaoye company-a large provincial enterprise. Its registered capital as much as 5,000,000,000 Yuan and its bail for the quality is 16,000,000 Yuan. With 300 employees and over 20 branches, it has covered the populated regions.