The top 10 Best-quality Travel Service Agencies in Guangzhou

The cities tour varies in many aspects. So for the travelers like you with no knowledge of the China ,it will difficult for you to make a decision on the travel agencies. The following 10 best-quality service agencies will be helpful for you to know more about China and enjoy yourself in China.
  1. 1.Guangdong China Travel Service Co, Ltd.

    Being one of the earliest company admitted by the ISO2000 international quality certification, it have been titled the national advanced service provider for 16 years on end. With few complain cases, it has been regarded as the recognized satisfied group and the most responsible company.

  2. 2.CITS Guangdong International Travel Service Co, Ltd.

    With a long history of 60 years, it boasts of the high-quality service, powerful professional strength, the practical work style and good external credibility. Because of those advantages, it has created many new records in the tour industry. Getting lots of awards such as the good-quality service provider and the advanced group, it has got high praises from the whole society.

  3. 3.Guangzhou Zhilv International Travel Service Co.Ltd.

    It, founded in December 5 1980, boasts of the world-class 24-hours telephone hotline service and gathers various tourism professionals and the senior experts. The foundation of the “the brand tourism city” including the time square tourism city, the Zhongshan Wulu international tourism city and the cooperation with the Hong Kong Disneyland bring it a variety honors.

  4. 4.Guangzhou kanghui International Travel Service CO.Ltd.

    With the purpose of providing high-quality service, high-quality staff, high-quality tourism, it runs with the conception that make the cooperatorat ease and make the tourists satisfied. It aims to network itself, expand its scale, make a name for itself and offer all-round service for the international travelers, forming the unique advantages over other counterparts.

  5. 5.Guangdong China Youth travel agency

    Established in 1979, it, Large-scare state-owned enterprise, runs the business on the domestic and international tour and the booking of the air tickets. Taking advantage of a group of the experienced, efficient and administrator and salesman and a number of well-educated, vigorous and proficient in English, Japanese, German, North Korea and Russia, it becomes the famous brand company.

  6. 6.Guangdong Tieqing International travel service Co.Ltd.

    It, founded in December 1979, estabilish “Tieqing Toursim” image by itsEnterprising spirit, hard-working attitude, strict management and careful operation. This travel agency has been awarded as the national spiritual activities demonstration agency and the spiritual window of Guangzhou province by the state ministry of personnel, the state tourism bureau and the Guangzhou provincial government respectively.

  7. 7.CYTS Guangzhou international travel service Co,Ltd.

    Following the company’s 18 years fine tradition and the conception of serve the society and the common, it has gradually formed the business philosophy of seeking the united team and pursuing the perfect and the company culture of unity and dedicated, high quality and excellent performance. These efforts bring its great praises.

  8. 8.Guangzhou Huayuan International Travel agency.

    Being one of the 24 companies admitted the operation of the international travel business as well as the agent of the IATA, it has a lot of department-liaison, domestic sector, outbound sector, reception, the car team, the international ticketing, business travel and reservations to provide integrated service for the tourists.

  9. 9.Guangzhou Zhaoshang International Travel service Company.

    Since the establishment in the 1987,it had recruited a group of well-trained and experienced guides with proficiency in the foreign languages like English, Japanese, German ,French and other native languages providing high-quality service for the international tourists. In addition, the good ticketing service greatly facilitate the tourists.

  10. 10.Guangdong Heping International Travel Service Co.Ltd.

    It has been rated the top 10 popular travel agency in Guangdong by virtue of the special service. With the high-quality service, extinguished brand, good credibility and the skillful management, it offers the one-stop service including food, shelter, transportation, travel, shopping and create “happy holiday” programme and launches a lot of the tourism line.