Top 10 Well-Known Beijing-Style Courtyard Hotel

With more and more foreigners to work or travel in China and know about Chinese culture as the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games to be held, it is an excellent choice for them to live in special Beijing-style courtyard hotel. In this situation, we have selected the following 10 courtyards of Beijing’s most famous hotel in terms of its history, comprehensive level of facilities and service levels.
  1. 1.Ji Qing Tang Courtyard

    With the history of the courtyard dating back to Yuan dynasty as a courtyard-style business hotel, it has comfortable and elegant rooms providing bars, cafes, postal services, travel advice and a series of comprehensive one-stop services in multiple languages as well as security network transactions and various non-concession activities.

  2. 2.Yulin Inn

    Different from other courtyards of Beijing, the Yulin Inn has its presence of the Ming and Qing dynasty army, with separate styles of rooms of their own; they have all kinds of traditional Chinese decorations and Chinese professional painters’ masterpiece, and the courtyard barbecue as well as the candlelight banquet may also offer new enjoyment for the guest.

  3. 3.Beijing Zhong Tang Inn

    As the home of the main ruler- E-Faldo in the Qing dynasty established in the late Ming and early Qing Dynasty lying west side of Beijing, it is convenient not only for the city culture taste and the enjoyment of the setting sun but also for entertainment and shopping.

  4. 4.Beijing Yue Wei Zhuang Courtyard hotel

    With a history of 200 years lying in the special cultural protection zones of the courtyard in Beijing, this hotel is the former residence of Ji Xiaolan – the senior grand secretary in the Qing dynasty. It is in the form of the Chinese traditional decoration practice as its decoration, which is its unique style in contrast with the casual bar, all of which have the rooms of classic furniture in the Ming and Qing dynasty, with the strong sense of national ethnic.

  5. 5.Bamboo Garden Hotel Beijing

    Opened in 1982, with its twists and turns of the promenade as well as the tranquil bamboo grove being different other hotels, this hotel attracts innumerable foreign guests for its garden hotel style. At the same time, this hotel has been the residences of many important persons in the history, also used for various open-air concerts besides the news press, party and business meeting.

  6. 6.Si He Hotel Beijing

    As the only three-courtyard-style hotel beginning from the early Qing dynasty in Beijing, Si He is the former residence of Mei Lanfang-a famous Chinese master of traditional Chinese opera; it belongs to the 81 holding company of Hong Kong hotel. With its famous advanced equipment, this hotel has numbers of standard and luxury suites and gives the noble enjoyment of the Chinese ancient emperors.

  7. 7.Beijing Tianxiang Courtyard Hotel

    As the few 100-year old house, this hotel was a big residence with big courtyard established in the late Qing dynasty. It integrates accommodation, hotel and bar with modern services such as deluxe suite, Deluxe twin and banquet hall as its rich Chinese culture for the specialty.

  8. 8.Beijing Hao Yuan Hotel

    As the former residence of many famous people in the history, this hotel has solemn and mysterious colors with its uncommon and unique environment, which makes it full of verve. In this hotel, they provides not only Chinese and western breakfast as well as Beijing style snacks, but also the courtyard barbecue with the hotel style.

  9. 9.Beijing Lv Song Park Hotel

    Lying in the Beijing special protection area of historical relics, this park is equipped with open-air cafe bar and bamboo garden in its main garden and the grape yard as well as the “farmhouse” full of the feeling of rural. It provides reasonable price with basically complete service, making the guests with the deep feeling of Chinese tradition.

  10. 10.He Jing Fu Hotel of Beijing

    Covering an area of more than 17,000 square meters, this hotel was originally the mansion of the third daughter of Qianlong, emperor of the Qing dynasty and princess Jing. It is a comprehensive hotel with 169 odd suites in its hotel in the yard with the multi-function hall as well.