Top 8 Earliest Established International Travel Agencies in Yunnan

Which kind of the travel agencies can make you at ease among variety travel agencies? We are glad to recommend eight earliest established international travel agencies and are convinced that you will be impressed by their long history, rich experience, and the warm and considerate service.
  1. 1.Kunming International Travel Agency

    Opened in 1956,Kuming Chinese international travel agency, one of the oldest agencies in Yunnan, runs the business in the organizing  the trip to china  of foreign citizens, the oversea Chinese, the residents in Hong Kong , Macao, and Taiwan and the reception ,Chinese citizens’ oversea travel and the domestic travel an so on. Adhering to the philosophy of “integrity”, it caters to the traveler with soul and heart and tailors the traveling plan to the special needs of every group.

  2. 2.Kunming Kanghui Travel Service Co.Ltd.

    It is a member of the China Travel Agency Association as well as the PATA member. The business involves the entry and exit, Hong Kong, Macao, the border domestic and the business travel. First-class quality service has won the highest honor in Yunnan travel agencies and a good reputation both at home and abroad.

  3. 3.Lijiang, Yunan Province, Chinese International Travel Service Co.Ltd.

    Built in 1986, it has developed into a comprehensive tourism company with tourism, adventure, conferences, information consultation. With the brand CITS advantages , the distinguished management, the high-quality team of guides skillful at Chinese, English, Japanese and Thai and the conception of “integrity”, it get high praises from the visitors unanimously.

  4. 4.Yunnan Zhongqing International Travel Service Co.Ltd.

    Since the establishment in 1989,it, a subsidiary of the Zhongqing Guolv company, has accumulated lots of experience in operation and management. Having been honored “advanced enterprise” and “top 20 strong travel agencies”, it gain a good reputation.

  5. 5.Yunnan Overseas Travel Corporation

    As one of the first approved international travel agencies by the China National Tourism Administration, it has an impressive performance and ranks the top 100 Chinese tourism.  The great success is based on their credibility ,he friendliness and high-quality service. Besides, it has receives wide acclaim from their counterparts and the travelers.

  6. 6.Yunnan Zhaoshang Travel Agency

    Taking advantage of the scientific management and the powerful strength, it offers the travelers the high-quality and full range of the service and establishes a good reputation. The experienced, efficient and qualified operators and well-trained guides put emphasis on the credibility and the quality, contributing to the loyalty of the travelers and a good reputation.

  7. 7.Lijing, Yunnan province,Bailu International Travel Service Co.Ltd.

    Founded in July 1994, it is a large comprehensive tourism company. The well-equipped facilities and the well-trained guides get the recognition from peers and loyalty from the tourists.

  8. 8.Lijing Sifang International Travel Service Co.Ltd.

    It , set up in Lijing in 1999,  has expanded the whole country and the world and established a good reputation. With a scientific and practical management system and a team of the excellent and passionate young tour guides, it adheres to the philosophy of “guest first, the credibility first, the considerate service” and apply the work style of “high-quality service, efficient effort”.