Top Eight International Travel Agencies with Best Public Praise in Tianjin

Have you been attracted by the beauty of Tianjin and decided to have a tour in it? Then you may need a good travel agency which can give you more than a tour. The following eight ones with best public praise can help you know this city well.
  1. 1.Tianjin Trust International Travel Service

    Belonging to the CITIC Group in China, it owns a great business scale and the best reputation in the travel industry. With its unique business tour, professional tour and special tour, it has taken a great part in Tianjin’s market.

  2. 2.Tianjin China International Training and Travel Co., Ltd

    Founded in 1992, it has been carefully adhered to the service belief which focuses on sincerity and love. This special philosophy has helped it a lot in enlarging its business and winning a good reputation.

  3. 3.Tianjin China International Travel Service

    During the 50 years’ development, it has finished many important reception works of international activities, which made it be known by the whole world. The numerous excellent workers it has trained are also a key attraction for visitors.

  4. 4.Tianjin China Comfort International Travel Service

    It mainly engages in inbound tour, outbound tour and domestic tourism, the young talents who have received higher education, are always trying their best to show give a modern and professional services to its visitors.

  5. 5.Tianjin China Travel Service

    It has won a wonderful reputation for its excellent group of interpreters and guides in the world. Taking internationalization, integrity and innovation as its development target, it has made itself able to provide a professional service for all kinds of visitors.

  6. 6.China Youth Travel Service Tianjin Co., Ltd

    Established in 1986, it always follows the belief of “dedicated, selfless and exact” and tries to provide a kind of safe, low-cost and high-quality service for visitors. It is always famous for its hard-working spirit in the travel industry.

  7. 7.Tianjin Classical Holidays International Travel Service

    Founded in 1998, it provides service in city tours, sightseeing and special interest groups and so on. They are always using their intimate knowledge to extent the excellent service toward visitors’ individual travel needs.

  8. 8.Tianjin Shunda International Travel Service

    As an old travel agency in Tianjin, all their service is designed according to the visitors’ needs. Besides travel service, they also provide service in car rental, transportation and wedding ceremony service and so on.