Top Eight International Travel Agencies with Best Public Praise in Yunnan Province

In many people’s eyes, Yunnan is a heaven in China. Its elegant scenic spots and delicious really deserves your visit. It you want to know more about it and enjoy local food as much as possible, the following eight agencies in Yunnan can give you a special tour.
  1. 1.Kunming China International Travel service

    It is the oldest travel agencies founded in Yunnan province. Sticking to the principle of “4p”, it has won a good reputation for its wholesaled service and carefully-designed tour routes, which can give visitors a low-cost but wonderful experience.

  2. 2.Kunming Comfort Travel Service

    It is one of the members of China Travel Service Association and PATA. With its first-class service in domestic and international travel, it has won several highest honors in Yunnan province. Among the foreign visitors it is also a famous brand.

  3. 3.The China International Travel Service Of Lijiang

    Established in 1986, it has developed into a comprehensive tourism enterprises engaging in tourism, adventure, conference and information and so on. Taking the brand advantage of CITS, it has also got a good reputation among vsitors for its sincere service.

  4. 4.China Youth Travel Service Co., Ltd. Yunnan

    Belonging to China CYTS, it has accumulated rich experience in operation and management since its establishment in 1989. And due to its first-class service, it has been awarded “advanced enterprise” in Yunnan province and entered among the top 20 travel agencies in China.

  5. 5.Yunnan Overseas Travel Service

    It is among the first batch of international travel agencies approved by China National Tourism Administration. Since its establishment, its significant performance has made it one of the top 100 Chinese travel agencies and its solid service is also well-known in China.

  6. 6.Yunnan Merchants International Travel Service

    Being famous for its reasonable management, high-quality service and strong strength, it has been one of the leading travel agencies in Yunnan province. All the staffs in it are working in efficiency and this has gained reputation for it in China.

  7. 7.Yunnan White Deer International Travel Service Co., Ltd

    Founded in 1994, it is a large-scale travel agency in Yunnan. Some of its guides have been awarded many prizes in all kinds of competitions. Besides this, its excellent basic facilities have also won a wide recognition for it in the travel industry.

  8. 8.Yunnan Sifang International Travel service

    Established in 1999, it is located in Lijiang and has spreaded its business in the whole country. The young team in it are always adhering to the belief of “quality first” and offering the best service for its customers. By this it has established a wide relation with other agencies in China.