Top Eight International Travel Agencies with the Best Public Praise in Suzhou

Suzhou has been a perfect tourist destination since the ancient time, and more and more visitors are attracted by its unique beauty. But you may also find it difficult to find a proper travel agency; here we have chosen 8 agencies with best public praise.
  1. 1.Suzhou China Travel Service

    During a long years’ development, it has won a great reputation both at home and abroad for its high-quality services. Adhering to a strict service standard, it has made “CTS” a famous brand and let it be known by the world.

  2. 2.Suzhou Youth Travel Service Co., Ltd

    As a member of CYTS Tour Corporation, it was established in 1984. The long history and a persisting focus on “security and services” have helped it won its unique reputation among visitors. Its perfect service and the experienced team have left a good impression on visitors.

  3. 3.Suzhou China Comfort International Travel Service

    Founded in 1988, it is a holding company of China Comfort Group. It mainly engages in domestic and outbound travel and owns its own ticket and cars center. Since its establishment, it has been famous for its high-qualified guides and experienced team of operators.

  4. 4.Jiangsu Professional-workers International Travel Services

    Founded in 1983, it is an international travel agency authorized by the state’s permission to organized outbound tour. As one of the main agencies in Suzhou, it is famous for its unique tour route.

  5. 5.Suzhou Overseas Tourist Co., Ltd

    Established in 1993, the service it offers has covered international travel, visa, and business tour and so on. It has trained an experienced management team and a group of skilled guides, and all this have won a good impression on visitors for it.

  6. 6.Suzhou Peace International Travel Service

    In its development of 12 years, it is always trying its best to offer a all-round and multi-level service for tourists both at home and abroad, which helped it established a mature operation of network.  Taking “sincerity and Credibility” as its business belief, it has been well-known for its “Journey of Peace”.

  7. 7.Jiangsu Eastern Airlines International Travel Service

    Since its establishment in 1995, it has been awarded the “Travel agency with best credit” in JIangsu province for many years. During its development, it is always striving for progress and trying to surpass the past. This unique spirit has made it successful and a good reputation in China.

  8. 8.Suzhou Cultural International Travel Service Co., Ltd

    It has offered all kinds of service for numerous visitors for more than ten years. In the past years, it has received about 24 thousand visitors, which takes a big part in Suzhou’s market.